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Mom & daughter birth babies same day

A nurse in Florida gave birth to her fifth child 34 minutes before his daughter gave birth to her first grandchild in the next room.

Patram Angela, 37, and her daughter, Teranisha Billups, 20, went into labor at Tampa General Hospital on February 19, hospital officials said in a news release.

mom-&-mother-gave-birth-same-dayLeft Mother Patram, 37, and right side daughter Billups, 20 with Dr. Atef Zakhary.

After the medical staff Billups led newest sister Simone Rayna Patram to 6 pounds and 7 ounces at 18:29, Billups cesarean brought his son Jerry Michaud, Jr. in the world at 7 pounds, 14 ounces at 19:03, according to the hospital.

The mother, who works as a nurse in surgical oncology at the hospital, and his daughter, a student of biology at Florida A & M University and aspiring physician assistant, expressed surprise at the appropriate consecutive births.

Source: Tampa General Hospital

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