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Acne Problems & Treatment

Acne is a most common skin disease in adolescents and young adults. People of all ages 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and even older can catch it. Usually most common acne starts at the age of 12-14 when homes wake up.  Researchers say that almost 80% people in the world suffer from acne at some stage in their lives.  Acne is not a serious skin disease, but severe acne can create scares on the face, upper back, and where the most sebaceous follicles are found. Many people try to prevent acne and acne scars on the skin.

Nowadays there are various acne treatments – such as tablets, laser therapy, facial, injection and herbal home remedies, but it is the most important thing is that acne treatment depends on whether you have a mild, moderate, or severe. So, you should consult a physician or dermatologist before taking any treatment. Here I mentioned some natural home remedies tips that are less costly, safer and absolutely no side effects.

Acne vulgaris

1.    Whether or not you have acne, everyday at least twice a day, morning and night, gently wash your face with luke warm, but not hot, water or regular clean tap water with a mild facial soap or cleanser to remove impurities, excess oil, dead skin cells and wastes from the skin surface, and then dry face with a clean towel.

2.    Never use your fingesr or nails to squeeze, pop, or pick at pimples, as it can result in infection and scarring. If you notice a bit in your face just use some ice on the affected area to prevent grow mature and kill the germs.

3.    Lemon and cucumber can help in acne control. Lemon juice applied regularly on acne reduces it effectively. Blend cucumber with some water to form a mask. Put it in your face at least 30 minutes before rinsing it off.

4.    Use rose water as a wonderful facial cleanser. Few drops rose water in cotton and gently clean your face every day at least 2-3 times a day.

5.    If you face gets too oily during the day, use oil-blotting sheets. Pat your face dry. Do not rub! Rubbing your skin is irritating and can cause more acne breakouts.

6.    The sun produce ultra violates rays which is very harmful for your skin and acne. Always wear a hat, sunglasses or goggles and apply best quality sunscreen lotion at least SPF 15 on sun-exposed areas of the body before leaving home in the sunlight.

7.    You have to be more careful to wash and brush your hair. Try to avoid using gel, oils, and harsh chemicals hair cream on your hair which can seep to the face and block the pores. If you work in a public place or outside, you must bath often, especially during a pimple outbreak.

8.     One teaspoon full of cinnamon powder mixed with three tablespoons full of honey and applied over acne overnight and thereafter washed with warm water is very effective. Two weeks of treatment permanently removes and clears acne.

9.    You should do exercise regularly at least five days a week which can protect and also assist with reducing acne breakouts. Exercise can clean your pores by sweating, but never forget to shower after exercise.

10.    Select your makeup wisely. There are certain types of makeup products with ingredient, especially lanolin is a common ingredient in various cosmetics that are found oil can cause acne.  If you do wear makeup for special occasions, wash it with cleanser at the end of the day

11.    Eat Fruits and Vegetables, especially carrots, cucumbers, broccoli, tomato, and cabbage include your daily habit to prevent the create and growth on your skin.

12.    Try to avoid drinking alcohol, soda and spicy food during acne breakouts. Drink more natural water at least 8 glasses of water per day. Water helps flush toxins out of your body that can formation pimples on your skin.

13.     Physical, mental and psychological stress can indirectly help to develop your acne by affecting hormones and as we know that hormones are the main cause of acne.  Always try to avoid your stress to prevent acne.


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